Pepton 85/16 and Pepton Plus

High nutritional value biostimulants

Pepton 85/16 and Pepton Plus are natural products obtained by enzymatic hyrolysis of natural origin. They are formulated in WG form, 100% soluble and easy to mix and apply.

Specialized processing results in a unique formulation based on L-type amino acids, short chain peptides and polypeptides. The type of hydrolysis used allows the amino acids and peptides to be totally available to the plant. In addition, Pepton products are an excellent source of organic nitrogen and iron. Learn more about enzymatic hydrolysis.

While both products have the same Benefits and Moments of Application, they do have differing compositions, with Pepton Plus offering an even higher level of free amino acids, nitrogen and iron. 



A natural fertilizer that boosts crop strength and vitality

ProthemCO is a formulation of natural origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis and supplied as a concentrated suspension.

Careful selection of high quality raw material, the method used to obtain the raw material and its subsequent processing guarantee an end product that meets the highest quality standards.


Benefits & Application Times of Pepton Products


  • Increases root and plant growth
  • Stimulates flowering and improves setting
  • Enables earlier harvest
  • Increases production and improves quality
  • Improves soil humidification and enriches microbial flora
  • Enhances chlorophyll formation
  • Promotes fruit development and growth

 Application Times

  • Seed treatment
  • New plantings
  • Sprouting
  • Mixed with plant nutrition and plant protection products
  • Moments of biotic or abiotic stress for the plant
  • Preparation for the stress
  • Flowering, fruit setting and maturing

Product Brochure & Composition

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