Targeted Products, Global Reach

APC Agro manufactures and markets products for use in the production of crops, whether in the field or the greenhouse. Our unique method of hydrolysis allows significant uptake of nutrients in plants of all types. 

APC Agro is the agricultural division of a global family of companies devoted to using value added fractionation technology to improve production in human foods and lifesciences, livestock feeds and crop production. 

While APC Agro is new to the United States market, our company has more than a decade of experience in manufacturing agricultural products and providing agronomist services across Europe and Central America to crop producers. 

APC Agro is Expanding 

APC Agro is expanding in the United States and is currently hiring for two new positions, including Sales Agronomist - California and Senior Sales Agronomist - California.  Details about both positions and how to apply can be found on our LGI Careers portal.